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Effective Immediately: CompuCycle is the first and only electronics recycler in the United States to recycle e-plastics

Founded in 1996, CompuCycle is a woman-owned business that has lead the way in responsible electronic recycling for over 25 years. With the addition of our new e-plastics processing plant, CompuCycle now offers comprehensive electronics recycling for businesses. 

  • "Until now, there was no U.S. solution for processing e-plastics. CompuCycle’s in-house system now cleans and separates e-plastics for reuse, eliminating the need to ship them overseas and creating a closed-loop system for manufacturing." - Clive Hess, President CompuCycle

Empower Your Business with Sustainable E-Plastics Recycling Solutions

At CompuCycle, we understand the unique challenges and responsibilities faced by corporations in today's environmentally conscious market. As a corporation, your commitment to sustainability and environmental compliance is not just a regulatory necessity but a cornerstone of your brand's integrity. Our dedicated electronics processing and electronics plastics recycling solutions are designed to help you meet and exceed your sustainability goals while enhancing your operational efficiency.


Your Single Recycling Solution

With CompuCycle's plastics processing capabilities, customers will be able to fully and responsibly recycle all of their surplus electronics with a single certified and experienced e-waste recycling & plastics processing company.

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Sustainable E-Plastic Recycling

CompuCycle customers can meet their sustainability goals with confidence, knowing that their IT asset disposal, including metals and plastics, is responsibly recycled in compliance with international laws and adheres to e-Stewards and R2 certification standards.

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Closed Loop System

With CompuCycle's domestic e-plastics recycling solution, recycled e-waste plastics are converted into single-polymer raw materials, fostering an environmentally sustainable closed-loop system for manufacturing.

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The E-Plastics Epidemic is Daunting

The rise in electronic devices has led to more e-plastics from discarded electronics like computers and smartphones. In 2020, global e-waste hit 53.6 million metric tons, projected to reach 74.7 million metric tons by 2030. Most of this e-waste is harmful e-plastics.

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Why Is This Important NOW?


The Basel Treaty

In January 2021, amendments to the Basel Convention went into effect to begin controlling trade in mixed and contaminated plastic wastes (Annex II, Y48) for the first time. For most countries, this means trade in such materials would be subject to government notification and the receiving country’s consent prior to exportation. It also means any such trade can only take place if the recycling operations involved were deemed by the authorities of both countries to be environmentally sound (Dehmey & Puckett, 2024).

Certification Compliance

e-Stewards and R2 are both working on the immediate task of helping their facilities comply with the Basel plastic amendments and get ready for the forthcoming e-waste amendments to the Basel Convention coming in 2025 to ensure that all e-recycling is always conducted in a legal and environmentally sound manner, wherever it takes place globally.  Certified companies in violation may be in danger of losing their e-Stewards and R2 certification (Dehmey & Puckett, 2024). 

CompuCycle's Commitment

CompuCycle is committed to fighting the e-plastics epidemic in collaboration with recycling industry leaders through our continued investment in innovative solutions, state-of-the-art technology, and process improvements; resulting in environmentally sustainable solutions for our customers in accordance with industry and government regulations and best practices. Join us in creating a cleaner, greener future by recycling your electronics with CompuCycle.


Dehmey, C., & Puckett, J. (2024, February 1). In Our Opinion: Industry must commit to Basel e-plastics compliance. Resource Recycling. Retrieved from Resource Recycling.



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Kelly Adels Hess & Clive Hess

"We saw an opportunity to solve an industry challenge by creating the first domestic, sustainable, single-solution e-waste plastics program that reduces the amount of plastic negatively impacting the environment, while also making it advantageous for companies to recycle and reuse. It’s truly a win for everyone involved.”

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